Andrea is...
...Filipino American
...a Musical Theatre performer 
...a Mezzo Soprano
...the daughter of Filipino immigrants
...a graduate of California State University Fullerton
...a Religious Studies degree holder 
...the 2016 Religious Studies Commencement Speaker 
...an Orange County School of the Arts alum
...a mommy and me teacher
...a former Disneyland parade performer
...a Dodger fan
...a makeup and fashion enthusiast
...aware of how wordy this entire page is
...passionate about the inclusion of Asian Americans in the entertainment industry 

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What Critics Say About Andrea...

Andrea as Belle in Beauty and the Beast

"Andrea Somera played a wonderful Belle, from her graceful transition of caring and adoring daughter to a filled with courage, strong 'prisoner'. She gives the Beast a run for his money, or his heart."
-Boyle Heights Beat

"...in which delightful French lass Belle (Andrea Somera, in a lovely and unpredictably fiery performance) agrees to become the prisoner of the Beast...Still, Somera's Belle really is delightful; she brings a power and ferocity to her character, usually depicted as plucky but one dimensional."
-Paul Birchall, Stageraw.com

"I'm in love with Andrea Somera as Belle. Not only has she a gorgeous voice, but her acting is breathtaking...every minute involved in her part. Watch this girl who must be headed for Broadway."

"Filipina-American Andrea Somera is as luminous a Belle as Belles get, acts the part with conviction and smarts, and sings in a bell-clear soprano that suggests Miss Saigon's Kim in her future."
-Steven Stanley, StageScenela.com

"Spunky and intelligent, Somera as 'Belle' combines a shimmering, almost operatic voice with a natural, unmitigated charisma. Evenso, she is careful not to steal the spotlight."
-Abel M. Salas, Brooklyn & Boyle

"With her amazing natural stage presence and remarkable vocal talent, lovely Andrea Somera brings Belle, one of the best loved Disney princesses, realistically to life."
-Shari Barrett, Culver City News​

Andrea as Cynthia in Priscilla Queen of the Desert

"Although a pitstop on the road of the plot, Andrea Somera's performance as Cynthia is a highlight, and handles the explicit ping pong performance of the film with an inventive and joyful playfulness."
-Vanessa Cate, Stageraw.com

"...Somera's wonderfully wacky Cynthia are featured gems..."
-Steven Stanley, StageSceleLA.com

Andrea as Eve in Letters to Eve

"Somera (lovely and powerful)...shine brightly both as actors and as vocalists."
-Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA.com

"Andrea Somera's powerful vocals soar as Eve. Somebody please give her all the lead roles Lea Salonga doesn't have time for."
-Gil Kaan, BroadwayWorld.com

"Standouts include...Eve, portrayed by the self-assured Andrea Somera."
​-Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld.com

Andrea as a Dancer in Aladdin: Dual Language Edition

"Out of the many dancers, Andrea Somera stood out, as she gracefully fell and picked herself up and stood true to her surroundings, an Arabian neighborhood about to change"
-Jonathan Thunderbird-Olivares, Boyle Heights Beat

Andrea as Eponine in Les Miserables

"Special mention of the night goes unquestionably to Andrea Somera who steals the show every moment she is onstage.  Her Eponine is strong, confident, and makes a conscious effort to do what she considers to be the right thing–and she is pleased about it...There are many different opinions on how Eponine should be played, with portrayals ranging from timid to courageous, downtrodden to somewhat stronger, and one can’t really say which is right. For what it’s worth, Somera’s take absolutely works and you will root for her the entire time. "
-Alina Mae Wilson, The Orange Curtain Review

"Andrea Somera injects her beautiful, bell-toned vocals with the unloved Eponine’s passion."
-Davis Gaines

Andrea as Mimi Marquez in Rent

"When Andrea Somera as Roger’s 'born to be bad' neighbor Mimi throws a wrench into Roger’s plans to brood his life away, forcing him to see love and actually face pain, she brings out more and more emotion in Ochoa’s characterization of Roger."