If there is anything in this world that makes Andrea feel alive, it is the act of creating and sharing that creation with the world. She has been performing since she was 11 years old and singing much earlier than that. Her love of singing started with various Disney animated films and blossomed into musical theater. She began her professional singing career with classical voice training which then led her to the mastery of other vocal styles. She has been fortunate enough to fulfill some of her bucket-list roles and shows inluding Miss Saigon (Mimi), Rent (Mimi Marquez), Once On This Island (Ti Moune) and Les Miserables (Eponine).

After witnessing and experiencing the effect that the work has on people, Andrea felt the need to deepen her study of the arts and take it to a level beyond herself. After two years of intensive musical theater training as an undergrad at Cal State Fullerton, she decided to major in comparative religion with a concentration in religion and the arts.

Her curiosity and studies led her to a deeper study of the art of theater and its spirituality that is prevelant throughout the art. She aspires to use her theatrical work to inspire people to think beyond the surface and expose people to diverse cultures and worldviews. She also aspires to alleviate the issues surrounding the misconceptions, stereotypes, and microaggressions of minority cultures and religions and has written several papers and facilitated discussions surrounding those issues. 
With the knowledge that opportunities in the entertainment business are limited, she is working to write, pitch and create opportunties for actors and writers like herself.
Her work within and outside CSUF led her to be chosen as the commencement speaker of the Comparative Religions department. 
She is currently a music teacher at Gymboree Play & Music of Fullerton and a resident actor with the Creating Arts Company and CAC studios in Santa Monica. She also enjoys yoga, fitness, and reading for pleasure.

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What Critics Say About Andrea...

"Andrea Somera's powerful vocals soar as Eve. Somebody please give her all the lead roles Lea Salonga doesn't have time for"
-Gil Kaan, BroadwayWorld.com

"Somera (lovely and powerful)...shine brightly both as actors and as vocalists."
-Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA.com

"Out of the many dancers, Andrea Somera stood out, as she gracefully fell and picked herself up and stood true to her surroundings, an Arabian neighborhood about to change"
-Jonathan Thunderbird-Olivares, Boyle Heights Beat

"Special mention of the night goes unquestionably to Andrea Somera who steals the show every moment she is onstage.  Her Eponine is strong, confident, and makes a conscious effort to do what she considers to be the right thing–and she is pleased about it...There are many different opinions on how Eponine should be played, with portrayals ranging from timid to courageous, downtrodden to somewhat stronger, and one can’t really say which is right. For what it’s worth, Somera’s take absolutely works and you will root for her the entire time. "
-Alina Mae Wilson, The Orange Curtain Review

"Andrea Somera injects her beautiful, bell-toned vocals with the unloved Eponine’s passion."
-Davis Gaines

"Standouts include...Eve, portrayed by the self-assured Andrea Somera."
​-Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld.com

"When Andrea Somera as Roger’s 'born to be bad' neighbor Mimi throws a wrench into Roger’s plans to brood his life away, forcing him to see love and actually face pain, she brings out more and more emotion in Ochoa’s characterization of Roger."

"Andrea Somera becomes a richly heart-felt Kuan-Yin."
-Frances Baum Nicholson, The Stage Struck Review